6 Secrets To Break Down Barriers In The Bedroom



2. Get It Out In The Open!

Now that you have a clear understanding that you and your spouse are different.

Guess what comes next?


You have to talk about your differences.  Practice talking about sex often.

What works for my husband, usually never works for me.  And what works for me, might feel completely unnecessary to my husband.

In order to find a middle ground in your relationship, you have to talk about sex.  Be transparent and share with your spouse what you like and don’t like.  Talk about what turns you on and doesn’t.  What works and doesn’t work.

Work together to find ways to make sure that you are both getting what you need.

The more you talk about it, with the goal of truly understanding and hearing each other without judgement, the better you will each get at both pleasing and enjoying each other.

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