6 Secrets To Break Down Barriers In The Bedroom

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1. Understand Each Other’s Differences

Let’s face it.  You two are different.

The way you think about sex, how often you think about it, how often you desire it, what turns you on. 

I imagine all of these things vary greatly between the two of you.

That is certainly true with my husband and I.    We have been on almost opposite ends of the spectrum.

I realize this is a broad stereotype and may not be true for everyone, but often times the following is true:

Generally, for men, arousal comes quicker than it does for women.  They are often easily aroused at just the thought of having sex or even at the sight of their spouse crossing the room.

For women, however, arousal can be much more complicated.  Arousal is often connected to a woman’s emotion as well as her environment.  As women, we oftentimes struggle to shut our brains off long enough to find our way to arousal.

For men, sex is their way of showing love and connecting.

Women, generally, have to feel loved and connected before wanting sex.

It’s no wonder so many couples find it challenging to find a balance.

Because of our differences, guess what we have to do?

Understand and accept that we are different! 

Neither is right or wrong.  Just different.

And that’s perfectly ok.  It natural. 

Heck, it’s biological!

Once Husband and I began to really understand and accept our differences, without placing judgement on them, things started to turn around for us.

Now that you understand you are different, click next to figure out where to go from here.




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