7 Steamy Kissing Games For Couples

kissing games for couples

If you are looking for kissing games for couples, then you are in the right place.

Date night is my favorite time with my husband.

Getting a little dressed up.  Heading to a favorite restaurant.  Having an adult conversation. Staring into each other’s eyes.

Yes.  I love it.

But the truth is sometimes I would much rather stay home.

Most Friday nights, I am exhausted and the idea of going out is daunting.  I just want to sit on the couch, grab a glass of wine and hang with my hubby without any fuss.

But, I still want to do something fun, sexy, and low key.

The answer to this dilemma?

Kissing games!

Kissing games are awesome because you don’t have to get dressed up and leave the house to have fun.  And they are sure to heat things up. 

They are a great way to laugh and connect on a sensual level at the same time.

They are a must try!

But wait!  Before we move forward.

There is something I have to say!

If you are wanting to have a sexy and connected date night there are 4 Date Night Rules that every couple should know first.

Want to know what those important rules are?
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You don’t want to miss these important tools to help you and your sweetie have a successful date night every time.

Now that I have shared those, it’s time to pucker up!

For each of these games find a comfortable place to play them like the couch or bed.  And don’t forget to set the mood.  Play some soft music and light some candles.

7 Steamy Kissing Games For Couples

  • Guess The Word

Here is what you do:

Take turns spelling a word with your tounge.

How? Get ready for a big open mouth kiss, but instead of kissing, use your tongue to spell a word in their mouth.

Take your time going letter by letter.

Could they tell what word you were spelling?

Then switch.

This game cracks us up.  It’s so fun and super hot at the same time.

For another fun twist to the game, try blindfolding your spouse and spelling the word on bare skin.

  • Kissing Cards

Tear some pieces of paper or use small index cards. 

Together, think of 20 places on the body that are kissable.  Write one body part on each card or piece of paper.

Then fold the paper or cards and put in a bowl. 

Pick who will go first.

The first person draws a card or paper and reads the body part.

Set a timer for one minute.   

Next, the other person kisses that body part, on the spouse that drew the card, for one minute.

Then switch. 

Go thru all 20 (or more) body parts.

  • Roll of luck

This one needs two dice.  You can pull them out of another game and return them when done.

Get a sheet of paper and write two columns of numbers 1 thru 6.   

In one column you will add a body part next to each number.  In the other column you will add a style of kissing next to each number (ie. lick, french kiss, peck, suck, Eskimo, butterfly, no tongue kissing, combo, etc…)

Pick who goes first.

The first person rolls one dice.  That is for the body part.  Match the number on the dice to the number on the paper.   Determine what body part you rolled.

Next, the same person rolls the second dice.  That is for the kissing style.  Match the number on the paper to the number on the dice. Determine which kissing style you rolled.

Set a timer for 2 minutes.

The other person uses that style of kissing on that body part for 2 minutes.  Then switch.

The next 4 Kissing Games For Couples are my favorite.  Click Next to learn how to play.

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  1. I have never heard of any of these until now but I absolutely love these kissing game ideas! I’m going to try these with my husband the next time we get some alone time. Thanks for the suggestions!

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