7 Steamy Kissing Games For Couples

Here are 4 More Steamy Kissing Games For Couples

kissing games for couples

  • Guess the flavor

You will need different flavor candies.   Be creative.

If you don’t have any on hand, plan ahead and hit the store to get sours, chocolate, peanut butter, licorice, hard candies, etc.

Hide the stash.

Next, blindfold your spouse.

Bring out the candy stash and pick a candy and eat it or suck on it for a few seconds.  If its a hard candy, remove the candy from your mouth.

Then kiss your blindfolded spouse and see if they can guess the flavor.

If you want to make it a two-sided game.   Each of you can go to the store separately and pick out 10 candies each.

Then take turns blindfolding each other and guessing the flavors.  You can even keep score.  The person who guesses the most wins.  You determine the prize 🙂

  • Blind Kisses

This one can get very steamy so beware.

First, blindfold your spouse.

Then, tell your spouse they can kiss whatever part of you that they can find with their mouth. No hands.

Then put certain parts of your body in reach for your spouse to find with thier mough and kiss.  Let them kiss for a minute or two and then move to another body part.

Then switch who is blindfolded and who kisses.

  • Secret word

This one is so fun and can be played all day.  Preferably on a day that you have some time to spend time together.

Here is what you do:

Each of you picks a word, but don’t tell each other what your secret word is.

Then go about your day as normal.

The catch is, every time your spouse uses your secret word in conversation, you give them a kiss, and they do the same.

First person to guess what the other person’s secret word is wins!

Then pick new words and try again!

  • Hearts And Kisses

You will need chocolate sauce or something edible that can be easily applied with fingers.

One partner stays and the other partner leaves the room.

The partner that stays, makes 7 hearts on their body, wherever he/she, wishes using the chocolate sauce.

Once all hearts are applied, the other partner comes back into the room.  Their goal is to find all 7 hearts and kiss or lick them off.

Then switch turns.

Whoa!!!  Did someone turn up the heat?

It’s getting hot in here!

There you have it: 7 Steamy Kissing Games For Couples.

I hope you and your spouse have a fun and sexy time trying these out.

Kiss Kiss!


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  1. I have never heard of any of these until now but I absolutely love these kissing game ideas! I’m going to try these with my husband the next time we get some alone time. Thanks for the suggestions!

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