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About Tammy Greene

I met my “hubby to be” in the 7th grade.  We hit it off immediately and were best friends.  In 10th grade we went from inseparable friends, to boyfriend and girlfriend.We were voted “Most Likely To Get Married” in our High School Yearbook..

Twenty five years and two kids later, here we are. We have been each other’s one and only in every way for nearly our entire lives.

But, as sweet as our story is, believe me when I say “marriage is hard.”  Anyone who says otherwise is either not married or in denial.  The great thing about it though is that the payoff is extraordinary.

I am a very lucky woman who has a husband who wants to make our marriage a priority, just as I do.  Over the past couple of years, we have put in a tremendous amount of energy into making our marriage what we want it to be.  Reaching from a time that I was nearly certain, “happy ever after” was not in the cards for us, to today where we are happier, stronger and more in love than ever before.  Truly.

Through these years of making improvements, I have learned a lot about marriage.  I have discovered key things that have transformed our marriage to be one that I am extremely proud of. I believe that what I have learned might be able to help your marriage too.Joel-and-Tam-Then-1992-300x268


Tam-and-Joel-now-2012-300x271And Now

From “Most likely to Marry,” to “Happily Ever After,” I will share with you insight into a marriage that works (most of the time) and the lessons that I have learned that help keep my marriage successful.

My hope is that you will find inspiration from my lessons learned to create the marriage you and your spouse desire and deserve!


I am also a producer on the PBS television show, Curiosity Quest and the author of the e-book How To Plan The Ultimate Family Road Trip.

To read more of my articles visit; HopeAfterDivorce.org     FamilyShare.com      and     HappyWivesClub.com


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