4 Ways Your Children May Be Hurting Your Marriage

4 ways your children may be hurting your marriage - married and naked

Yes, it’s true.

Those beautiful children that you adore more than life itself, might very well be unknowingly hurting your marriage.

I get it.

This might be a topic that is touchy. One that you might not want to acknowledge.

But, it is something that should be recognized and talked about.

My husband and I were married for 5 years before we had children.

In those years we traveled, started businesses, bought a house.  But something was missing. . . I wanted children more than anything else.

So, we went for it. 

At 28 we had our first child.  A beautiful daughter full of love and kindness.

Of course, one wasn’t enough, so 5 years later we had our son.  A sweet little man so smart and curious.

Having a child, as many of you might agree, is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.  To bring a life into this world is beautiful, thrilling, scary, overwhelming and life changing.

What I didn’t understand, was the challenges that having children would pose to my marriage.

Would I change the fact that I have children?  Absolutely not.

The rewards that come from parenting far outweigh the challenges.

But, having children changed everything.

Suddenly the things that once came easy to my husband and I were hard to come by, like time, connection, intimacy.

The moment we had a child our relationship was changed.  In many ways for the better, but in many other ways that were potentially damaging to our relationship.

But,  is it really the children that was hurting my marriage?


It is us, as adults causing the damage.

Most often thru neglecting our marriage once children arrived.

No, it’s not the kids.

It’s the grown ups.  It’s our shifted choices and priorities that can often cause the harm.

Click next to find out how children you might be hurting your marriage and, even better, how to fix it.



4 ways your children may be hurting your marriage - married and naked

6 thoughts on “4 Ways Your Children May Be Hurting Your Marriage

  1. Good reading… indeed children is critically important to us but by neglecting marriage is not a healthy practice… thank you for a great sharing

  2. Have you heard of “Growing Kids God’s Way?” They talk about a lot of these things in their series – I recommend it to every parent new or experienced. There is always something new that I glean from it every time I do the study again!

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