And Say These 5 Things To Your Spouse
Right Now!

Stop and say these 5 things to your spouse

I don’t know about you, but my life is busy.


Sound familiar?

I talk to so many moms who are overwhelmed and exhausted.

Me too! My to-do list is long and seemingly never-ending. So long and never-ending, in fact, that sometimes the most important things in my life get pushed aside in my attempt to cope and check things off my list.

One of those things that sometimes get’s pushed aside is my husband.

It’s not intentional, certainly, but I have to admit that it happens.

And by the end of the day, when the kids are asleep and most of the to-do list is checked off, sometimes I have nothing left to give.

Being a wife often takes a backseat to motherhood, work, homework, PTA, this blog, etc, etc…

I know I’m not alone in this.  Many of you feel the same way.

But, it can’t go on like this for long before husband begins to feel left out and left behind.  And, a left out and left behind spouse is a very unhappy spouse.

I recognize that.

When I see that I’ve been neglecting my sweetie, I know it’s time to step it up and let him know that he matters.

Just these 5 simple sentences can help my husband feel that he is important to me and that I haven’t forgotten about him 🙂

So to all us busy wives and husbands, STOP what you’re doing and say these 5 things to your spouse right now!  Don’t waste another second before you let them know that you care and that they are number one on your list!


10 thoughts on “Stop!!!!
And Say These 5 Things To Your Spouse
Right Now!

    1. Thank you so much! I think we all fall into that sometimes. As long as we know how to get back on track. That is what matters.

  1. Great post…in this journey of marriage,our spouse and family should always be our top priority. We should also learn how to communicate emotionally with our spouse by appreciating them and making them understand how much we love them.

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