Step Things Up This Year By Setting Some Marriage Goals

step things up with marriage goals

There was a time that I didn’t believe in the power of goal setting.

I’m not sure why. It probably had something to do with the fact that I felt that if I set the goal, then I had to meet the goal, or I would be a big failure.

Setting goals scared me.

What if I didn’t achieve what I set out for?

Then what?

My husband on the other hand has always been a goal setter. Ever since we were teenagers he has been listing and checking off the things he wanted to achieve. For him, goals have always been a driving motivation toward success.

Over the years, watching him set and attain goals has changed my thinking.

What I have come to realize is that goals should not be feared. Goal setting is all about mindset.

Clarifying what I want out of myself and my life pushes my energy and mindset toward my goals. That’s all it is.

With a clear focus and mindset, what you desire out of life is more likely to be achieved.

It has now become a New Year’s tradition to write down my goals. I write goals for my business, my family, my health and, of course, my marriage.

Wanna create your own marriage goals?  Click here to get a free printable to help!

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Click next to find out what my top two goals are for my marriage in 2017.  Do they sound anything like yours?

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