51 Fun And Easy Ideas For Date Night At Home

fun ideas for date night at home

51 Fun And Easy Ideas For Date Night At Home

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It is something so simple, and yet something so easily overlooked.

Date Night!

It seems that no matter how many good intentions husband and I have,  we put off date night far too often.


Usually there are two reasons (maybe you can relate):

Number 1 : Time

Number 2:  Getting someone to watch the kids

That’s is why we have fallen in love with date night at home.  They are cheaper and far more convenient than having to go out.

And, actually, they are often way more fun.

The only problem with date nights at home is deciding what to do that will make it as special as going out.

So, I have done some research and pulled together some of the best Ideas For Date Night At Home and put them together for you (and for me) to have for the next time date night rolls around.

(By the way, I’ve put all of these ideas together in FREE printable.  CLICK HERE! and I will send it to your e-mail box right away!)

So here they are:

51 Fun and Easy Ideas for Date Night At Home:

  1. Bake cookies together from scratch
  2. Wine and cheese tasting
  3. Roast marshmallows over the stove
  4. Create a movie on your phone
  5. Make fondue and feed each other
  6. Play video games together
  7. Ask each other 20 fun date night questions (click here to get them)
  8. Rub each others feet
  9. Plan your next vacation
  10. Share a bubble bath
  11. Play strip blackjack (click here for more details)
  12. Read a sexy book out loud together
  13. Make sushi together (look at this adorable sushi kit)
  14. Take a couples quiz (hubby and I have fun with this book)
  15. Play sexy truth or dare (this one is fun)
  16. Build something together
  17. Do a fun science experiment
  18. Make ice cream
  19. Make a fort and tell ghost stories
  20. Play charades
  21. Play “Heads Up” on your phone
  22. Play hide and seek
  23. Have a nerf gun fight
  24. Have a timed lego building contest
  25. Make pizza with homemade dough

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  1. in the relationship communication between partners and setting time for each other are the most factors that strengthen the relationship. For my case i enjoy date night at home than outside since we will be having enough time for each other and we will be able to play many games as possible.

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