Get Naked Friday – Say Goodbye To Guilt

say goodbye to guilt - married and naked

It’s Get Naked Friday. My favorite day of the week!

This month marks my one year anniversary for beginning a life where health and fitness was at the forefront. I am extremely proud of the changes that I have made in my life that have promoted weight loss, strength and confidence.

I work really hard these days to make good choices in my diet. I have gone from someone that lived off processed and fast food to one that lives off green smoothies, oatmeal and broccoli.

Truly. Those are practically on my daily menu now. Who would have thought?

Certainly not me!

I am, by no stretch perfect though. I have many days where I make poor choices. Maybe because I’m at an event, maybe because I’m out of town or maybe because I am feeling low.

When this happens, what I struggle with most is the guilt that goes along with those bad choices. If I have a cupcake at a party I feel guilty. If I eat french fries while on the road I feel guilty. If I binge on a day I am down in the dumps I feel really guilty. Sometimes this guilt spills over and leads me to making more poor choices.

Have you felt that way too? I’m sure most of us have.

Wanna know what my wonderful trainer, Melissa, has to say about that?

“Stop feeling guilty!”

You heard her right. Say goodbye to guilt!

Melissa says that, “When maintaining a healthy lifestyle you have to expect to fall off track sometimes. That is perfectly okay. Life is meant to be enjoyed.”

She believes that if you are going to occasionally make an intentional choice to eat something that might effect your waistline , then you might as well enjoy it. Why feel guilty about it during and after?

The most important key is to not let this one choice have a domino effect. Don’t let one intentional splurge turn into one that carries on for the rest of the day, which turns into splurging for the entire weekend, which turns into splurging for the entire week and so on.

Have the cake at the party or the french fries on the road, but always have your plan ready for getting back on track.

If you indulge in the splurge, but are armed and ready with a plan to get back on track,

and follow thru with your plan,

then there is no reason to feel guilty.  Enjoy it!

What a relief for me to hear her say this. I swim in guilt every time I have something that isn’t good for me. Let me tell you, guilt sure knows how to take the fun out of a splurge.

So this Sunday, as I enjoy whatever concoction my children have cooked up or me and as I savor a delicious meal at my mom’s favorite restaurant, I will not indulge in guilt. I will celebrate motherhood and all of its challenges and joys. I will let go of the guilt for one celebratory day knowing that I am armed and ready to get back on track starting with breakfast Monday morning.

Oatmeal, green smoothies and broccoli are waiting!

Do you struggle with guilt too?

Enjoy your Get Naked Friday and Happy Mother’s Day!


Trainer Melissa Maher MataMeet my amazing personal trainer, Melissa Maher-Mata. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Has an educational background in Kinesiology, specializes in Men and Women’s weight loss, Body sculpting, Children’s fitness programs and Prenatal-Postnatal training.

You can learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle by following Melissa on Instagram @perfectionfitnessstudio

You can also check out her studio at

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