The Wisdom of Dr. Seuss

I came across this quote while browsing the web today, and I loved it so much.

I just had to share. 

Dr. Seuss has so much wisdom for us to discover.

As children he teaches us to imagine worlds unique and wondrous. He shares with us laughter and rhyme.

As adults he reminds us to never take ourselves too seriously.  That there is power in the light-hearted and silly. 

This week I challenge you to find the moments of levity and to celebrate your own weirdness.  And even more priceless, your unique weirdness as a couple.

Own It!

We are all weird.

Thank goodness for that 🙂

dr seuss love quote*it was brought to my attention that there is not definitive evidence that this quote was actually made by Dr. Seuss.  It is thought that maybe the quote should be attributed to Robert Fulghum.  The answer is unclear.  For any inaccuracies I apologize.  But, regardless I love this quote and think it holds great fun and great value 🙂




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