You Are The Only One Experiencing Challenges In Your Marriage


Challenges in your marriage - married and naked

This past week I sent out a survey to my readers. I wanted to get some input on how I can better serve each and every one of you that comes across my blog.

It was an anonymous survey where I asked several questions, but the question that received the most answers was this;

“What is the biggest challenge you face in your marriage?”

I was touched by the number of responses I received.  Readers freely and honestly shared the challenges in your marriage.

The most important thing I learned from reading all of the answers to this question was this. We all have so much in common.

Though sometimes we can feel alone in our struggles, I want you to know this;

You are not alone.

For every answer I received, there several other people that answered with a similar challenge.

You are not alone.

We are similar in our struggles.

To me, that is very comforting.  It is nice to know that there are other couples out there that have been thru or are going thru the same challenges that my husband and I experience.

And, in our similarity we can find strength.

By sharing our struggles we can learn from each other strategies and techniques to rise above.

Though there were several themes that resonated throughout the answers I received, there were three that seemed to be the most common among us all.

The top 3 challenges shared were:

  1. Challenges with communication
  2. Challenges regarding sex
  3. Challenges finding alone time

Sound familiar?  It certainly did to me.

In coming months I will be addressing each of these areas, but here is what I want you to know today.

You are not alone!

I guarantee the challenges you face, are faced by endless other couples.

We share so much in common.  You, me, everyone in the Married and Naked community and beyond.

I think, as humans, we often shame ourselves into thinking that we are alone in our experiences. And, we don’t talk about the things that most challenge us for fear of being judged.

Imagine, instead, a world where we felt that we could share our struggles with each other without fear of judgement.  Imagine how much we could learn from each other if we began to talk about our shared experiences.

That is what Married and Naked is for.

Together we will work on strategies to make improvements in the areas where we all face challenges.

But, for now, just remember, you are not alone.

Take comfort in knowing that other couples (many, many, many couples) are facing those very same challenges.

Sometimes just knowing that can be incredibly freeing and can give you the strength you need to move forward.


Married and Naked

Feeling like the only couple with challenges in their marriage? You are not alone!


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