A Must Read for Newlyweds (and all couples for that matter)

a must read for newlyweds - and all married couples

Over the weekend I went to a wedding. 

I love weddings.  They are romantic and sweet and so full of hope.

Looking at the couple I always wonder how they will do.

Do they know what is ahead of them? 

Do they understand the challenges that marriage can bring? Is this Happily Ever After?

What is the one nugget of wisdom that each couple should have as they embark on marriage?

I thought long and hard about what advice I could give this couple based on my 17 years of marriage.  I quickly realized that narrowing it down to one piece of info is near impossible so I decided to ask other married people what they thought.

I reached out to my awesome Facebook followers to hear what advice they would give.  

Do you agree with what they had to say?


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