4 Reasons To Say Yes To Sex – even if you’d rather watch TV.

4 reasons to say yes to sex

Let’s be real ladies.

Sometimes we would much rather snuggle up on the couch with our husbands, with a glass of wine, watching The Tonight Show, than have sex.

Am I right?

Yes, I’m saying it out loud.

Sometimes I would rather hold my husbands hand and watch Bad Moms (for the hundredth time) than spend the precious down time having sex.

Anybody out there agree? (Is it just me?)

And here’s the thing.

If you’re like me, it’s not that us ladies don’t like sex. We do!

It’s just that we are tired.


And the idea of doing any kind of work (even the fun kind) can seem daunting sometimes.

At the end of a long day, the likelihood that we just want to zone out and relax, is pretty high.

But, as much as we would like to choose Netflix over sex, the reality is that choosing sex, over the latest episode of Shameless, can be way better for our marriage.

Here Are 4 Reasons To Say Yes To Sex!

1.Sex Increases happiness!

We all know this to be true.

But, it might bare repeating.

Science shows that couples who have sex once a week are happier than those that have sex less often. That seems to be the sweet spot.

Why? Because having sex helps us feel closer and more connected to our partners.

Something we all long for.

Having our human need for connection fulfilled increases our happiness. Makes sense right?

And once a week seems like a reasonable goal to shoot for.

Improve your overall happiness by scheduling in weekly sex!

2. Sex improves physical health!

Many of us, these days, are looking to take control of our health thru diet and exercise.

But having regular sex can also be a great way to improve overall health.

There are many ways sex may improve overall health including; improved sleep, improved cardiovascular health, lower risk of prostate cancer, improved immunity, improved mood and improved brain health.

That’s too many reasons to ignore!

Improve your health by spending some time cuddled between the sheets.

3. Sex Relieves Stress!

You know it to be true in the moment. It’s hard to think about what’s worrying you when you are having a good time.

And the post sex bliss can leave you feeling relaxed and able to breathe.

If only for a few moments, it can take us away from all the stress that life holds.

And, feeling close and connected to your partner can lower those stress levels that can have a temporary negative affect on blood pressure. 

Having regular sex can help keep those stress levels in check.

And, guess what?  The more relaxed you feel, the more you may desire sex!

A win, win!

4. Sex Improves Connection With Your Spouse!

Know what one of the most important factors in determining the longevity and happiness of a marriage is?

Connection between partners.

Sex releases the hormone oxytocin.

Often referred to as the “love hormone,” the release of oxytocin can improve your feelings of connectedness as well as your attraction to each other.

And truly, our number one goal in marriage should be to maintain connection with our spouse.

Sex can help you do that.

Sex is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to improve connection.

It’s as simple as that.

Sex = connection = happier marriage

So there you have it.

Next time your spouse initiates sex and you are thinking, “But I was just about to start binge watching New Girl (again).”

Choose sex instead.

Say yes to sex!

And, here’s the good news . . .

The more you have sex, the better you get at it.

Which means, at the end of the night you still might have time to catch a bit of the latest drama on the Bachlorette 🙂



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15 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Say Yes To Sex – even if you’d rather watch TV.

  1. Hello, Tammy
    No I am same to you spend the precious down time having sex on watch Bad Moms.
    I am also agree with you Sex Increases happiness,Sex improves physical health,Sex Relieves Stress,Sex Improves Connection Spouse To Say Yes To Sex.

  2. It is true me and my partner came to a conclusion that, even when we dont feel like having sex. It is just better to do it anyways every day or at least 4 times a week because its a major stress reliever.

  3. I just found your site and I love it. I have been married for 5 years to a wonderful husband, but lately some of the passion has died down. In particular, I like this article that so clearly describes the importance of a healthy sex life.
    Do you mind if I share it on social media?


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