4 Date Night Rules for Married Couples

4 date night rules for married couples - married and naked

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Happy Date Nights!
4 date night rules for married couples

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18 thoughts on “4 Date Night Rules for Married Couples

    1. I hope you get one soon. It is hard to get out sometimes, I know. Hubby and I do a lot of date nights at home after kiddos go to be too 🙂

  1. This is a great list! I like the part about focusing on each other…easier said than done when you’ve got kids, but something we always try to do!!

  2. Awesome advice Tammy! I love how you made the whole post into one handy little graphic- I’m definitely pinning!! I think my husband will love you for adding #3. I’m ALWAYS bringing up to-do lists, the kids and other “productive” topics on our dates because I feel like it’s such a perfect time to discuss important things! But my husband is . . . less than thrilled with this habit of mine 😉

  3. Maybe it’s because our children are older (23, 22, 15, & 13) but we go on dates all the time. We live in a small town and hubs works a block from our house. We frequently have lunch dates. Friday night is /ours/. During football season that means we go out to eat and then head over to watch our local varsity boys play. Off-season we’ll rent a movie, get together with adult friends, or just hang out together at home.

    We’ve been married 10 years (those kids are mine, DIL, and his) and we’ve always taken time for just us. We are the most important part of this family!

    1. Young kids definitely pose a challenge to date night. It is good to hear that as they get older, finding time will get easier 🙂

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