Get Naked Friday – Loving Yourself At 40

Celebration with Balloons, Confetti, and Cupcake
Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 40.

My son hears that number and gets a sad look on his face.  He told me the other day, “I don’t want you to get old.”

He is 6. To him 40 might as well be 100.

Hitting 40 is a milestone, though.

Hitting any decade, for that matter, is a milestone.

For me, this is a big one.

I’m not really upset about the number. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is always a bit of sadness at knowing that a certain part of your life is behind you.

But, outweighing that feeling this year is the feeling of pride.

I was taking a kickboxing class this past Sunday that my sister and I regularly take and the teacher (in between yelling at us to push harder) said something that stuck. He said,

“Look at yourself in the mirror.
The person you see today, is not the person you were yesterday.”

And right in the middle of my jab, cross, uppercut sequence, I got misty eyed.  I felt so proud of myself at that moment.

Why? Because he was so right. I am not the same person I was. Here I was at 8:30, on a Sunday morning, busting my butt exercising. WHAT?

That was not the same Tammy of a couple of years ago. And it’s more than just the health factor that is not the same.

Here is my list of Then and Now:

Then, I used to despise my body. Now, I feel appreciative of it and proud of my weight loss and my toning. Attempting to attain perfection is ridiculous.   At 40, I am beginning to love my body.

Then, being healthy meant going on a diet. Now, being healthy means making good food choices, being active, being self-confident, cutting myself a break, and having healthy relationships.

Then, exercise was the last thing I wanted to do. Now, I crave the sweat. I enjoy running, taking classes, strength training and will find myself doing one of those things 4-5 days a week.

Then, I put everyone’s needs before my own. Now, I still struggle with this, but I have come to realize that taking care of my own needs is equally as important as taking care of others.

Then, I thought my marriage would just, kind of, take care of itself. Now, I know that a successful marriage needs daily, intentional care and attention.

Then, my dreams were on the back-burner. Now, I realize the importance of following my own dreams, now! They are at the forefront. I take small steps every day toward my goals.

Then, I had no self-confidence. Now, my confidence grows a little bit every day. I am becoming somebody who believes in herself.

Then, I thought time would go on forever. Now, I know how very precious each moment that we live this life is. I have settled my self into a life of gratitude, trying to soak up each quickly fleeting minute.

Then, I dreamed of being a writer. Now, I write!

I could go on and on.

But, here is the gist of it.

Heading into my 40th year on this beautiful planet, I feel that I am better than ever.

I feel like I am hitting my stride.

Life is beautiful and so full of gifts and possibility.

Are you hitting your stride? Are you Fabulous At 40?  What is your Then and Now?

Here’s to feeling good naked (body and soul) at 40!!!!!


Married and Naked

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11 thoughts on “Get Naked Friday – Loving Yourself At 40

  1. You have written beautiful words. Happy Birthday. I love that you have found yourself. It is an ongoing journey. Then, I took many things in my life for granted, Now I realize that I must take time to nurture the things I have so that they can grow and evolve. By things I mean people, my career, friends, family etc. You get the idea. In June I turned 49. I have challenged myself to change a few things in my life and I hope that by 50 I will have these few ends tucked in and dealt with.

    1. Thank you for taking time to stop by and thank you for your kind words.

      Congrats on continuing to learn and grow. I think it is one of our basic responsibilities as a human. To always work toward improvement.

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