Get Naked Friday – Age Really Is Just a Number

Age-is-Just-a-Number - married and nakedThis morning I woke up wondering what I was going to post today.

Then I went to the gym.

Inspiration was waiting.

My fabulous gym, Perfection Fitness, is having a little friendly challenge.

How long can you hold a plank?

I have never timed a plank before. In fact, I don’t think I had ever done a plank for longer than a minute. That is usually the extent of the hold in any fitness class.

I was hoping my trainer, Melissa, would let me slide on this one.

Nope! No such luck!

Before I knew what was happening, her and her co-worker pulled up a stop watch, I hit my elbows, and the time ( very slowly ) started to tic away.

I made it to 2:23 seconds. I passed up a couple of the guys but was the bottom time for the girls.

I felt disappointed in myself and instantly wished I could do it again so that I could put up a different time on the board. I know I can do better!

Then walked in Maureen. A 72 year old, super fit woman who looks 15 years younger than she really is.

It was time for her to do the challenge.age is just a number - married and naked

I witnessed this woman hold a perfect plank for 10 min and 11 seconds!

She beat everyone, including her own trainer, by almost two minutes. Did I mention that she is 72???

I couldn’t believe it!

It was truly amazing.

Not only does Maureen have beauty and muscles to boot, she has also been married for 53 years!

Talk about inspiring.

I have found my new idol.

Maybe I’ll never hold a 10 minute plank, like Maureen, but she has certainly inspired me to improve my time. She has certainly helped me remember that Happily Ever After isn’t just a fantasy. She has reminded me that you are never too old!  That there aren’t any excuses!  That the body, mind and soul are miracles that can take you beyond what you thought possible.

Thank you for the inspiration, Maureen!  I want to be just like you when I grow up!


Married and Naked

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