6 Year Old Gives Her Mom A Wake Up Call

6year old give mom wake up call - married and naked

I couldn’t believe my ears!

I came across this video on Facebook and the title made me stop and listen.

The title read, “A 6-year-old girl gives her mom a wake up call. A lesson of life after her parents been divorced.”

I watched and I couldn’t believe it.

How could a 6-year-old have this much wisdom?

I hope you will take 2 minutes out of your day to listen to the lessons she shared with her mom!

No matter if you are married, divorced, in a relationship or searching for your special someone, hear what she has to say about the power of our actions.

Next time you gear up for an argument in your marriage, or otherwise, remember this amazing little girl.

She reminds us that sharing kindness, even to those we don’t like or are angry with, can have a huge impact on the lives of the people we love most.¬† Let what they hear and see be words and expressions of love and forgiveness.

Maybe we can all take her advice and “settle your mean height down to short height.”

If only we could all be as wise as her.

What lessons have you learned from your children?

Married and Naked

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