Thought for the Day – Say Thank You

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30 Day Marriage Challenge – Week 1 In Review

I am 7 days into the Love Note a Day – 30 Day Marriage Challenge and I am having fun with it!   Here is a glimpse at what the week has looked like.My husband said that he felt bad that he was getting all of the love notes, so he felt inspired to leave one for me on the bathroom mirror. I have to be honest.  I definitely have a hard time remembering the daily text or note.  I have put a reminder in my phone that tells me everyday to Plant The Seed.  
I feel bad that I need a reminder for that.

I have always been the kind of girl that said I love you a lot, but I have come to realize that saying I love you can sometimes be a reflex.  Words that I often say out of habit and there may not be an intentional thought or feeling behind it. 

Don’t get me wrong, having that reflex is Read more [...]

Get Naked Friday – You Are A Warrior


Today for Get Naked Friday I want to keep it short and sweet. 

I want to remind you that, you are a warrior! 

Humans were built for strength, agility, power and survival. 

When you are ready to give up on your fitness routine or when you feel like you can’t eat another stalk of broccoli, just remember; 
You are Beautiful!
You are Capable!
You are Strong!
You are Tough!
You are Brave!
You are Fierce!
You have more courage waiting inside of you than you ever knew possible!
You are worthy of your dreams! 
Fight for them!
Don’t give up now!  
Keep on Going! Take care of your mind!  Take care of your body!  Get fit!  Get Naked!
Tammy Read more [...]

A Love Note A Day: 30 Day Marriage Challenge

Over the weekend my husband was at a conference in Arizona.  I tagged along, at his urging, so that I could spend some time writing and working on my blog.  How could I deny that?

On one of the days we were there Hubby told me he really wanted me to hear this one particular speaker.  He had heard him before and loved his message.

Because of Hubby’s invite, I had the privilege to hear Eric Thomas (The Hip Hop Preacher) speak.  If you don’t know who he is, it is worth it to take a minute to Google him.  He has a great story and he has an unbelievably inspiring message.

During his speech, Eric talked about the importance of changing behaviors and how if you did something every day for 90 days it would become habit.  He expressed, personally, how he is working on changing his habits Read more [...]