Let’s Snuggle And Do Nothing Today

I was browsing Pinterest recently and I saw a pin that caught my attention.   It was a picture of a messed up bed and it had a quote on it that said something like, “Let’s crawl under the blankets and watch movies.”

I was instantly envious.  I was envious of this mysterious couple who shared that messy bed.  Who appeared to have all the time in the world.   Who had a whole day to stay in bed and watch movies.    Who had stepped away from the comfort of the warm blankets to go make some popcorn only to return for yet another movie. 

In reality, there was no couple.  It was just a picture. But, regardless of the fact that I had made them up in my mind, I wanted to be like this imagined couple!

I wanted to stay under the covers all day and watch movies with my husband.

Lets snuggle - married and naked

Back in the day,  before kids, careers and a house . . .  we use to do this often.  We would sit on the couch and waste away a whole Saturday watching movies.  

But somewhere along the way, weekends moved away from being a time of rest and turned into being a time to catch up.  Time to catch up on work, chores and errands.  They are booked with play-days, birthdays and other events. They are not restful.  Weekends are busy and tiring.

I wanted to be like this unknown couple.  I wanted to spend a day watching movies snuggled up next to my favorite man in the whole world.

Physically and emotionally tired and green with envy over this simple picture and quote, I decided that I deserved  a day of doing nothing.  Absolutely nothing but watching movies.  

In order to do this, I had to push away the guilt.  Guilt over telling my son I couldn’t play, guilt over the pile of laundry sitting unfinished, guilt over finishing a post for my blog, and so on.  So much guilt! Why is that?  Why should I feel so guilty over taking a day to do nothing?

Somehow, I have trained myself to think that I need to stay busy on the weekends.  That I need to catch up.  That I shouldn’t be spending hours on the couch doing nothing.

What a shame. Husband and I work so hard every day.  Don’t we deserve some serious down time without the guilt?

Of course we do!

So, this past Saturday we spent most of the day doing nothing other than catching up on movies and TV shows.  We at popcorn and stayed under the blanket snuggled together. 

It was heaven!  Truly.

I need to give myself permission to do this more often. Everything can wait. 

There is little else more important that spending quality down time with your spouse.

Today’s Lesson:  A Saturday wasted snuggling with Husband, watching movies, is not a Saturday wasted!


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  1. Michelle

    March 6, 2014 at 7:28 am

    “Today’s Lesson: A Saturday wasted snuggling with Husband, watching movies, is not a Saturday wasted” So true! well said. We could all use a little of that.

    • married

      March 6, 2014 at 10:06 am

      Thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Look forward to following your blog!


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